Alu-Clad Vinyl Windows

Aluminum-clad Vinyl windows are made by combining aluminum and plastic materials. They are mainly composed of inner and outer frames, insulation layers, and glass. Aluminum-clad Vinyl windows have the characteristics of good sound insulation and thermal insulation, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, elegant appearance, and easy maintenance, making them an excellent window choice.


- Good sound insulation and thermal insulation performance: Aluminum-clad Vinyl windows use high-performance aluminum alloy and plastic materials, and are filled with insulation layers, which can effectively isolate noise and provide insulation to ensure indoor comfort.

- Good UV resistance: The plastic materials used in aluminum-clad Vinyl windows generally have good UV resistance and are not easily discolored or aged.

- Good corrosion resistance: The aluminum alloy frame has good corrosion resistance, which extends the life of the window.

- Elegant appearance: Aluminum-clad Vinyl windows have an elegant and stylish appearance that can be customized to different interior decoration styles.

- Easy maintenance: The aluminum alloy frame and plastic material are easy to clean and maintain, and have a long service life.

Physical Performance Data & U Value

  • Water: CW-PG45 260PA
  • Air Leakage CW level A3
  • Deflection CW-PG45 1440PA
  • Structural CW-PG45 2180PA

Configuration Options

  • Fix
  • Tilt & Turn
  • Combination

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