ESter65 Aluminum Windows

"Ester" in Italian means star, source of light; any finish, unlimited possibilities. Ester is a luxury window and door brand from Italy. with rich experience in the industry and a leading position in the market. With a forward-thinking vision and trendsetting aesthetic, Ester has given birth to a revolutionary and unique window and door brand. It provides not only windows and doors, but also solutions for connecting buildings with the outside world. Ester pursues the ultimate aesthetics, combining the most modern craftsmanship, and subverting the current situation of the window and door industry. Ester is not only a visual enjoyment, but also an art, innovation, and a way of life.


- Narrower and more luxurious visual texture, innovative design allows unlimited creativity.

- Any finish, any material, making each window unique and irreplaceable.

  • Metal endows Ester with a strong sense of technology and modernity, highlighting the slender contours and simple lines of the windows.
  • Natural wood finishes provide a more luxurious appearance and perfectly blend with Ester's frames and contours in terms of style.
  • Sand, clay, mud, rust - these unique finishes provide a richer space for imagination, allowing nature to be sold as it is.
  • Leather, stone, ceramics, and even diamonds can all be used as creative elements to create unique finishes.

- Opening up prominent personalized customization, even allowing consumers to DIY, doors and windows can also be regarded as a part of personalized life.

Physical Performance Data & U Value

  • Water: E900
  • Air Leakage  level 4
  • Structural A2
  • U Value: If Ug=0.5, Uw=0.8
  • Sound Proof: 40dB
  • *Above listed data base on European
  • Standards

Configuration Options

  • Fix
  • Tilt & Turn
  • Combination

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