GSD150 Aluminum Sliding Doors

The thermal break sliding door with bridge insulation is a high-end door product which adopts thermal break technology and has good thermal insulation performance. This door uses aluminum alloy material and adds closed insulation material in the aluminum alloy frame through thermal break technology, which improves the dust-proof, waterproof and thermal insulation performance of the door, and achieves energy-saving effect. Meanwhile, the design of the thermal break sliding door with bridge insulation is in the form of sliding opening, which occupies less space after the door and window is opened and has flexible operation, suitable for houses that require space-saving. In addition to the excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation effect, the thermal break sliding door with bridge insulation also has the advantages of beautiful appearance, strong decoration, good transparency, strong air tightness, and the track adopts stainless steel material. making it widely used in high-end buildings such as villas, mansions, and office buildings.


- Excellent thermal insulation performance. Insulated sliding doors use new materials such as insulated glass and thermal break aluminum alloy, which have excellent (thermal insulation performance and can effectively block the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor to reduce energy consumption.

- Flexible opening method. Insulated sliding doors adopt the form of sliding opening which can be freely selected according to space requirements. Moreover, it does not occupy too much space when opening. making it a space-saving door and window product.

- Beautiful and practical design. Insulated sliding doors are designed with a simple and generous appearance, diverse styles, and the surface treatment is powder electrostatic spraying or fluorocarbon spraying, which is corrosion-resistant and durable suitable for various environments.

- Good sealing performance. Insulated sliding door sashes use a variety of sealing materials, which can effectively block external pollutants such as noise and dust from entering the room, making the indoor environment cleaner and more comfortable.

- Good safety performance. Insulated sliding doors use high-strength aluminum alloy materials, which have good performance in wind resistance, anti-theft and other aspects, ensuring the safety of users

Physical Performance Data & U Value

  • Water: CW-PG45 260PA
  • Air Leakage CW level A3
  • Deflection CW-PG45 1440PA
  • Structural CW-PG45 2180PA


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  • OXXO
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