Curtain Wall System

Curtain wall is a modern architectural style and decoration for exterior walls, mainly composed of materials such as aluminum alloy, glass, stone, tiles, and metal. The curtain wall not only protects the building but also beautifies the exterior, while providing natural light and improving energy efficiency. Curtain wall systems are typically made up of aluminum frame and glass or other materials.


- Elegant appearance: Curtain walls can use various materials and colors, providing a variety of exterior designs and making the building more attractive.

- Thermal insulation: Curtain walls can use double-layer glass and insulation materials, reducing building energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.

- Natural lighting: Curtain walls can provide a large amount of natural light, making the interior space brighter and more comfortable, while reducing the use of artificial lighting.

- Fire and water resistance: Curtain walls have strong water resistance and can achieve fire resistance with special structures.

Physical Performance Data & U Value

  • Water: E900
  • Air Leakage Level 4
  • Structural A2
  • U Value: If Ug=0.5, Uw=0.8
  • Sound Proof: 40dB
  • * Above Listed Data Base On European Standards

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