Heritage 86 Alu-Clad Wood Windows

Aluminum-clad wood windows are made by combining aluminum alloy profiles and wood on the basis of solid wood, and connecting them by mechanical methods using special nylon connectors. They provide a double decorative effect, appearing as warm and elegant wooden windows when viewed from the interior, while appearing as high-end and luxurious aluminum-alloy windows from the exterior. Aluminum-clad wood windows have advantages such as weatherproofing. security, soundproofing and insulation, aesthetic appeal, and durability. They are suitable for various door and window requirements and are an excellent choice for doors and windows products.


- Weatherproof: German-style aluminum-clad wood windows use high-quality seals and door window accessories to prevent wind and rain from entering the interior, ensuring a dry indoor environment.

- Excellent security: German-style aluminum-clad wood windows use high-strength aluminum alloy materials and intelligent lock cores, providing excellent anti-theft performance and ensuring home security.

- Soundproofing and insulation: German-style aluminum-clad wood windows use soundproof glass to effectively isolate noise and provide a quiet indoor environment.

- Additionally, the use of aluminum alloy materials and seals ensures excellent thermal insulation performance, saving energy.

- Aesthetically pleasing: German-style aluminum-clad wood windows have a stylish and elegant appearance, suitable for various architectural styles, offering a visually appealing option for doors and windows.

- Durability: German-style aluminum-clad wood windows are made of high-quality aluminum alloy and wood, ensuring excellent durability and long-lasting performance.

Physical Performance Data & U Value

  • Water: CW-PG45 260PA
  • Air Leakage CW level A3
  • Deflection CW-PG45 1440PA
  • Structural CW-PG45 2180PA

Configuration Options

  • Fix
  • Tilt & Turn
  • Combination
  • Single Side Hinged Door
  • Double French Door
  • Tilt and Sliding Door

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