RP90 Aluminum Entrance Doors

The aluminum alloy thermal break insulated entrance door with bridge breaking is a high-quality outdoor door composed of aluminum alloy material and insulation material. The hollow glass adopts insulated glass, and the door leaf and door frame adopt high-strength aluminum alloy material with insulation and bridge breaking aluminum alloy material in the middle. The addition of insulation and bridge breaking aluminum alloy material can effectively isolate indoor and outdoor temperatures, maintain comfortable and stable indoor temperature, and avoid dew on the door leaf, providing good sound insulation, thermal insulation, wind resistance, dust resistance, anti-theft and other functions. The door design is exquisite and beautiful, and the surface treatment adopts powder electrostatic spraying or fluorocarbon spraying, which is corrosion-resistant and durable, with a long service life. At the same time, it is equipped with high-quality safety locks and anti-prying devices to further ensure the safety of families. In addition to excellent performance in sound insulation, thermal insulation, and anti-theft, this kind of door also has the advantages of strong decoration and durability. The aluminum alloy thermal break insulated entrance door with bridge breaking has become the preferred indoor door for modern high-end residential, villa, apartment, hotel, and other buildings.


- Intelligent security system provides residents with a freely selectable door control system solution, creating a personalized security solution that meets individual needs. Layer-by-layer linkage, building a high-precision protection system.

- Fully Water-Based Fluorine-Free Polyurethane Foam Board, Fireproof, Flame Retardant, Resistant to Damp Weather.

- Ultra-hard aluminum alloy 6060T66 European standard profile, stable and resistant to deformation, providing safe and long-lasting use guarantee

- Door frames with PA66 insulating strips, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, achieving high air tightness and thermal insulation.

- Personalized customization, multiple style choices, achieving high-end and Unique art. Surface treatment options: aluminum plate baking paint, rock panel, wood, glass

Physical Performance Data & U Value

  • Water: CW-PG45 260PA
  • Air Leakage CW level A3
  • Deflection CW-PG45 1440PA
  • Structural CW-PG45 2180PA

Configuration Options

  • Inswing
  • Outswing

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